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bad news email - Dear Ms Masters The entire staff here at...

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Dear Ms. Masters, The entire staff here at Nixon Engineering looks forward to the success of the line of products Best Buy will release for the 2011 holiday season. We appreciate Best Buy as our top customer and we are confident this relationship will bring both of our companies success for many years to come. This holiday line includes the playful technologies, the RoboDog 200 and WakaWiki, that will be perfect Christmas gifts for children. The line also offers a set of fun accessories to compliment the mePET that releases in June 2011. We also are proud of the new touch screen computer, the X3, which will overtake Samsung’s Tablet and compete with Apple’s ipad. It includes many promising new technologies such as a semi-liquid LCD screen, smell recognition, and finger and retina scanning capabilities. Best Buy will have exclusive rights to sell both the X3 and its complete set of unique accessories. Products in the current production line have the fastest production rate in Nixon Engineering
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