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engineer interview - LeAnn Wellington-Smith Tri-Continent...

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LeAnn Wellington-Smith Tri-Continent, Manufacturing of components for medical instruments, diagnostic instruments Grass Valley, CA What is your degree in BS Mechanical Eng. Minor in math, where from Chico What type of engineering are you currently doing? Manufacturing eng. (happened when you had kids, kept her more at home to work with the manufacturing operators), has done design (can travel more) Works closely with design engineers, transition design into how to be a maunfacturable process, has to work with suppliers of piece parts to make sure they are meeting standards, deals with non-comforming materials to see if they will still work correctly, also works iwht customers, mainly works with man operators, writes procedures for them, works with them to troubleshoot any issues 1. Why did you choose to work where you do? a. Chose engineering—I was excelling in math and at the time didn’t want to be a math teacher. Researched jobs available and what she could apply her math to. Picked engineering then. And picked mechanical because she could do aero as well without being so specialized, wanted to work on the space shuttle and ended up working on an expolsive technology out of Fairfield b. Chose company because wanted to stop commuting to Fairfield. Found this job
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engineer interview - LeAnn Wellington-Smith Tri-Continent...

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