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MEMORANDUM Date: January 21, 2011 To: Tech Writing Staff ( [email protected] ) From: CPSU-Amido-W11S1G13 Richard Gonzalez Derek Lokker Aaron Ludrow Olivia Nixon Re: Project Team Charter Mission Statement ROAD Industries is committed to developing repair guides for LGL1200 cell phone. Biographies Richard Gonzalez – EIT certified Civil Engineering Senior. Richard has over a decade of leadership skills from martial arts and paintball. He is proficient in Microsoft Office and attentative to detail. Olivia Nixon – General Engineering Sophomore. Olivia is proficient in Microsoft Office. She likes to organize and manage her time effectively. Aaron Ludlow – Materials Engineer Freshman. Aaron has experience disassembling electronics and is a stickler for good grammar. Derek Lokker – Computer Science Freshman. Derek has experience assembling a sound system in his car and some experience with photography. Team Roles - Richard is designated as the Coordinator and he will be responsible for the project scheduling and running an effective meeting. - Aaron is designated as the Researcher and his duty is to explore any pertinent information that will help towards the repair guides. - Olivia is designated as the Editor and her responsibility is that the organization, content, and language style of the document are clear and consistent. - Derek is designated as the Designer and he will create a letterhead for the company, develop document layouts and integrate visuals. Overall Expectations ROAD Industries has high expectations/prospects for our employee’s performance and standard of conduct. All employees are expected to achieve A work but a minimum of a B is acceptable. Two of our employees, Richard and Derek, are taking a generous course load this quarter and are assumed to put more time into future projects. Nonetheless, everyone will do their best to ensure the stability of the company.
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Any member who deviates from the company’s expectations will be given multiple warnings before the ‘fire clause’ will take effect. The fire clause states that any employee who is not working to the company’s expectations will be contacted by the supervisor for further examination. Each member is allowed two sequential or three non-sequential missed meetings and/or poor quality of work. They are allowed two missed deadlines as well before being contacted by the supervisor. Conflict Resolution Conflicts are bound to arise and if employees cannot solve the problem amongst each other, then they are allowed to bring the topic to their group. Non-conflicted parties (group members not involved) shall act as mediators and ask each side to state their position respectfully to resolve the issue. Make sure to prioritize each issue and address each matter separately. If the whole group is in the conflict, then they may look towards another employee as a mediator. Calendar
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ifixit.charter.draft - MEMORANDUM Date: January 21, 2011...

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