ifixit.critique.memo.G12 - MEMORANDUM DATE: March 3rd, 2011...

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MEMORANDUM D ATE : March 3 rd , 2011 To: CPSU-Amido-W11S1G12 F ROM : CPSU-Amido-W11S1G13 Richard Gonzalez [email protected] Olivia Nixon [email protected] Aaron Ludlow [email protected] Derek Lokker [email protected] R E : Critique for iFixit Canon Optura 100MC Pages This memo serves to help the members of Group 12 to improve the clarity and usability of their repair guides. The following analysis is the result of any problems we encountered while testing the repair guides for the Canon Optura 100MC. I NSTRUCTIONS Throughout the repair guides, a few things were consistently missing in the instructions. First of all, when the device was reoriented in a picture it was not always mentioned in the instructions. Make sure to include tools used at the beginning of every repair guide. Some guides are missing prerequisite guides such as removing the battery and the hand strap. We recommend combining certain steps that shouldn’t be separate. Finally, rethink the layout of some of the more involved guides so they flow smoothly. Battery and Hand Strap These guides need to be prerequisites for all other guides. The orientation of the camcorder needs to be stated at the start of the Hand Strap guide. Step 1 of the Battery guide is not descriptive enough. The battery release button needs to be
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ifixit.critique.memo.G12 - MEMORANDUM DATE: March 3rd, 2011...

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