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ifixit.project.eval.memo - MEMORANDUM DATE March 17th 2011...

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MEMORANDUM D ATE : March 17 th , 2011 To: Sherrie Amido F ROM : CPSU-Amido-W11S1G13 Richard Gonzalez [email protected] Olivia Nixon [email protected] Aaron Ludlow [email protected] Derek Lokker [email protected] R E : iFixit Project Evaluation Memo This memo serves to evaluate the iFixit project overall as well as the participation of the members of ROAD Industries. It includes the lessons we learned, an evaluation of each member and how they contributed, and suggestions for improving the project in the future. L ESSONS L EARNED Firstly, we learned our success would depend on the consistent collaboration of all group members. The iFixit Project required true team work and effective communication. We found communication was best achieved through email and quick update meetings after class. We learned compromises have to be made sometimes and everyone must contribute to succeed. Time conflicts occurred but we learned how to effectively delegate the work. G ROUP D YNAMICS The success of ROAD Industries was due to the willingness of all team members to ensure a strong final product. Roles established for group members were fulfilled but we found an overlap in these responsibilities helped our group thrive. Communication to the whole team was not just the job of the Coordinator but rather the responsibility of all to ensure we were on the same page. Group meetings were effective because we could all input and evaluate work as it was
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