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English 149-01 MEMORANDUM Date: January 10, 2011 To: Sherrie Amido and Staff From: Olivia Nixon Re: Our New Employee, Kristen Nugent I would like to be the first to introduce you to our new employee Kristen Nugent, who should be a great player in this company for many years to come. She is a second year Civil Engineering student. She has had much volunteering experience in the past including counselor at a summer soccer camp for youth, Pediatric Therapy Network (a non-profit organization), and Coordinator for her local Life Teen Organization. Kristen has a variety of skills and resources that will benefit this company. She is proficient with Microsoft Office and has an impressive knowledge of public speaking. Kristen also has access to a laptop with CD burning capability, a combination printer, copier, and scanner as well as a
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Unformatted text preview: Canon EOS Rebel XT Camera with 3 lens sizes. It appears that she has some great personal connections including Joan Goodwin at the US Department of the Interior, who is a project manager for the Bureau of Redamation and can be reached at [email protected] In her spare time Kristen enjoys to play soccer, dance, and cooking. At Cal Poly she is also involved in the Society of Civil Engineers with which she has participated in Build an Engineer Day, Make a Difference Day and the Concrete Canoe Casting; Kristen is also a part of the Week of Welcome program. I encourage you to contact Kristen if you have any questions or want to chat with her. She can be reached by email at [email protected] or by phone at (310) 351-8476....
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