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MEMORANDUM MEMORANDUM Date: February 10, 2011 To: iFixit Tech Writing Staff From: CPSU-AMIDO-W11S1G13 Richard Gonzalez ([email protected]) Olivia Nixon ([email protected]) Aaron Ludlow ([email protected]) Derek Lokker ([email protected]) Re: Second Progress Report for Pentax Optio WP We would like to keep you updated about our progress in research and development of repair guides for the Pentax Optio WP digital camera. Summary of Activities After the submission of progress report #1, we began creating the guides for our device. We have deconstructed the camera and mapped out the repair guide steps in chronological order. We checked out a camera from iFixit’s Pacheco office and began experimenting with taking clear photos. The guide writing process is running smoothly but is still in the rough draft phase. Also, as you requested, we uploaded a device picture with the correct 4:3 ratio.
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Unformatted text preview: Future Activities What we have left to accomplish: • Post all guides to in an appropriate format • Receive criticism from iFixit, Prof. Amido, and peers in order to find flaws • Revise rough drafts of guides to produce polished final copies • Produce precise pictures for all steps and edit them Problems The most prominent problem is the poor-quality photos that the iFixit camera is producing. We’ve spent hours of our group sessions changing the settings of the camera, but close-up photos still emerge grainy and blurry. We may need to borrow a camera from one of our peers to finish the repair guides. We look forward to the completion of this project and the further collaboration with iFixit. Please contact the coordinator, Richard Gonzalez, with any concerns. Cc: Sherrie Amido...
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