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MEMORANDUM DATE: January 24, 2011 TO: Tech Writing Staff, iFixit FROM: CPSU-Amido-W11S1G13 Richard Gonzalez [email protected] Olivia Nixon [email protected]ly.edu Derek Lokker [email protected] Aaron Ludlow [email protected] RE: Proposal for creating a repair guide for the Pentax Optio WP CAMERA: Will request rental from iFixit We propose to create a repair guide for the Pentax Optio WP digital camera. Very little repair information exists for this device and we aim to write several guides and a troubleshooting page to illustrate repairs for malfunctioning parts. We will provide the online community with a valuable resource upon completing this project. EXISTING REPAIR INFORMATION The Pentax Optio WP digital camera does not have any current repair guides online, nor are there any disassembly instructions available. The owner’s manual for this device is accessible on
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Unformatted text preview: Pentax ’s website. There are many user forums for troubleshooting, such as Retrevo, for the Pentax Optio WP and also a troubleshooting guide available on eHow.com. However, we noticed when solutions were given they were either too vague or just verbatim from the manual. TROUBLESHOOTING The following are possible topics that could be covered in the Troubleshooting Guide: Camera will not turn on Photos are blurry No picture on LCD monitor Flash does not discharge Shutter will not release Back buttons do not function REPAIR GUIDES We plan to produce repair guides for the following: Remove battery Remove LCD screen Replace SD Card Replace Motherboard Replace Motherboard We look forward to working with iFixit in developing guides for the Pentax Optio WP. Our intention is to help reduce e-waste generated from this device. CC: Sherrie Amido...
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