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HISTORY 207 FINAL NOTECARD Keynesian —advocates active policy responses by public sector including monetary policy actions by central bank and fiscal policy actions by gov to stabilize output over the business cycle. Johnson doesn’t like, called it part of the problem (20s) and whenever he talks about its negative. Ex: WWII and New Deal Social Security Act (1935)—part of the New Deal under FDR, social insurance program provides benefits to retired, disability and survivors. Johnson likes that SS provides aid to individuals (that qualify) but doesn’t like it giving unearned money to states, liked SS under FDR but doesn’t like that it expanded w/o any decision by the electorate. Zinn doesn’t like SS because it excluded farmer, domestic workers, old people and offered no health insurance and it built security for large businesses. Japanese-American Internment (42-45)—7,000 Japanese-Americans interned in camps mainly in CA. Zinn calls it fascist and attributes American racism, Johnson doesn’t mention at all. Hiroshima/Nagasaki (August 6/8, 1945)—about 150,000 Japanese killed. Zinn says gov said bombs dropped because an invasion of Japan would have cost more lives, implies they wanted peace negotiations but US wanted complete surrender and suggests US had too much $ invested in bombs not to drop and Nagasaki (2 nd ) might have been a scientific experimentation of plutonium. Johnson also notes there was not much thought behind the drop and it was immoral but because Japan did not seem as if it would surrender, US dropped other bomb. Says that many
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