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Sort answer quiz 1 Both of these historians concede that the view of ‘American’ in the early decades was very narrow-minded in the eyes of all. Only white males who were of good civil and economic standing could participate in this new democratic government founded supposedly on the idea the “all men are created equal”. This chauvinistic behavior occurred while much of the population that made up this newborn, fragile country was excluded and oppressed. This idea is seen in both of the novels; however, the novels differ instantly on how the information is presented. Howard Zinn’s narrative strongly indicates that early America did not live up to the words written in the Declaration of Independence because ‘American’ was defined as being a white male who was the head of a household; on the other hand, Paul Johnson sheds a more attractive light on early America by making numerous excuses for the limitations the Founding Fathers placed on the definition of an ‘American’. Howard Zinn’s opinion of early America almost screams at you from the pages of his book; he wants all to know that an ‘American’ in the 1600-1800’s was very limited and quite racist. His view is a very critical one of our
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