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short answer quiz 3

short answer quiz 3 - Evaluate the role of government in...

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Evaluate the role of government in the United states and compare and contrast Johnson and Zinn’s views. Zinn Agrees with the gov intervention in economy in early 30s but did not like the outcome necessarily because it helped big businesses and did not help ‘unorganized’ labor Also, does not like the New Deal because it just kept the lower classes satisfied in the least way possible to keep them from revolting (393). Not given enough support so they started to help themselves Sounds like he supports legislative action in 1934 to mediate the labor outbursts (396) Does not like FDR or new deal really because he said it just gave the people a little bit (403) Despises the bombings of Hiroshima/Nagasaki and says they were unjustified (422-423) Does not generally like the economic support US gave abroad, and said it was giving US corporate control, just doing it to build up power Johnson Did not like tariffs because took away form alissez faire
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