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Olivia Nixon HIST 213 Dr. Oriji 11/21/11 American History X was not the movie I was expecting it to be. I have heard of it before but knew absolutely nothing about it and was expecting something more educational rather than such a compelling movie. Of course, I was wrong with my prediction; for example, I did not know that it was set in the present rather than in some other time period. The movie is set in Venice Beach in the 1990s when a lot of gang violence was occurring. This story chronicles the struggles of two brothers to overcome the odds; Derek (the older brother) unfortunately has become the leader of a white supremacy group, with Nazi affiliations, which leads him to three years of jail time after shooting and brutally beating three black men. During Derek’s three years in jail much changes for the entire Vineyard family. They are not doing well financially and Danny is starting to go down the same path as his older brother. Fortunately, Derek has become a different person in jail. Trying to find his place and protection, he starts to hang out with the
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