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World Population Growth Presentation Summary Olivia Nixon, Shelby Messner, Nina Martin, Michelle Carrizosa, Marinelle Mascardo, Alex Bozarth Hist 213-01 Prof. Oriji World population will no doubt always be increasing, at least in our lifetimes. We thought this topic sounded interesting because it does not seem to be a hugely urgent problem. However, it has the potential to become such an issue in the near or distant future. We found the pros of population rise to be that people are living longer, healthier lives and the cons to be that the planet may not be able to support the population. The pro for population decline is that we may not reach the carrying capacity and wont uses as many natural resources; the cons for population decline are it is unethical if decline is due to human intervention and it would be terrifying if a decline occurred due to some epidemic or form of warring. We have found that there are many factors around the world that contribute to differences in rises in the population. The major aspect that we will cover is
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Unformatted text preview: the influence of four different religions (Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism) in different cultures and their views on sex, procreation, abortion and contraception; additionally, we investigated the effect of medical advances. Another main issue is the population of third world countries, specifically in Africa, and what is contributing to steep population growth in these countries. We also chose to explore the positives of having large families both in the past and the present. A variety of possible solutions to slow population growth or deal with over population when/if it occurs also are included in our presentation; solutions included are family planning, improvement for women, government action, and educating the population. We hope to show the different influences behind population growth, the problem that our continually growing population presents, and solutions to this problem....
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