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project intro, concl - Today we are here to present the...

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Today we are here to present the issue of our growing world population. First I want to start with why we chose this topic. In general, we thought it was very interesting. It also is not something that most people would consider a problem. I feel like young adults like most of us in this room, do not realize that population is an issue or even know what overpopulation truly looks like. That is why we wanted to dive into this subject even more to see what the state of the world population really is and how our lives might be affected in the future. Population by definition is all of the inhabitants of a particular town, area, or country. The current population of this classroom is currently around 30. The student population of Cal Poly is about 19,000. And the population of San Luis Obispo is around 45,000 people. Being students and residents here in this beautiful, thriving area it is sometimes easy to forget about the world as a whole, which is why we are here today to enlighten you all and give you something to think about in the future. As you can see on this clock, the current population of the world is quickly nearing 7 billion people (write exact number on board) to be exact. (ticking clock in background) One of the major discrepancies that can be seen between experts are
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project intro, concl - Today we are here to present the...

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