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October 11 th , 2011 T EAM A GREEMENT O VERALL E XPECTATIONS TEAM NAME has high expectations for the group performance and standard of conduct. All members are expected to achieve ‘A’ work, but a minimum of a ‘B’ is acceptable overall. If a member misses a meeting they will be required to make brownies for the group. If a member fails to do their delegated portion of an assignment they will be required to bake a large cake for the group which will then be shared with Karen. If a member misses a meeting with Karen they will be cut from the team and then reinstated after a lot of groveling and purchasing of Yogurt Creations. C ONFLICT R ESOLUTION Conflicts are bound to arise and if members cannot solve the problem amongst each other, they
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Unformatted text preview: then should bring the topic to the group. The non-conflicted group member shall act as mediator and will help respectfully resolve the issue. Each issue will be addressed separately and handled with the overall project in mind. If the whole group is in the conflict, they may look towards Karen for help. If the conflict is not solved after a week, a jello cage fight will be scheduled between the conflicted members and the entire class will be invited to watch and help chose a winner. M EETING T IMES Thursdays will be our designated group meeting day; we will meet at 1pm in the library....
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