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Design assessment 2 - a local manufacturer of personal water craft(e.g jet skis is running into a problem with the durability of an electrical

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a local manufacturer of personal water craft (e.g. jet skis) is running into a problem with the durability of an electrical component of the engine specific strength (yield strength/density) ductility (percent elongation) conductivity (i.e. low resistivity) material cost resistance to salt water corrosion formability (the ability to plastically deform the material into the necessary shape) use CES to determine which, of a small set of materials, best meets your clients’ needs minimize cost, high resistance to corrosion, high formability, high conductivity, medium to high ductility, high specific strength, Here is your assignment. 1. Select one material from your graphs that provides the “best” overall performance for your client. Justify this choice based upon your evaluation of the user’s needs and on how your selected material compares to the others. Include graphs as needed to demonstrate how your material outperforms others in critical areas. 2.
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