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Olivia Nixon Reflection 2

Olivia Nixon Reflection 2 - Olivia Nixon Professor Harding...

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Unformatted text preview: Olivia Nixon Professor Harding MATE 210 31 October 2011 When first analyzing the project I was very confused about the “importance of materials to a specific culture” aspect of the assignment. Honestly, I have never given much thought to materials in general. Of course I know some basics due to other courses I have taken such as CE 204 but I have only considered materials from an engineering point of view prior to this class. This assignment gave me a new perspective on materials and was actually refreshing because we had complete control over what we wanted to do the project on. However, for me personally the vagueness of the assignment was a little unnerving. I have never had a teacher who has given me so much room to interpret for myself what is acceptable for the final product. My group honestly had no idea what to expect on the due date and I feel like we actually over prepared if that is possible. We were ready to answer questions, give a presentation, etc. which we soon found out possible....
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