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self refleciton 1

self refleciton 1 - I have taken many personality tests in...

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I have taken many personality tests in my years of schooling thus far but have never truly been tested on my learning styles, or at least never paid that much attention if I had. I found this test particularly interesting because of the difficulty in choosing answers. The answers were too black and white and I sometimes felt what best described my learning style lay somewhere in the middle. I can now see how this was taken into consideration since I was not extreme on any of the 4 scales. My results show that I am a 3 on the reflective scale, a 5 on the sensing scale, a 7 on the visual scale and a 3 on the sequential scale. I think that if I had taken this test in my early years of high school I would have received different results; I would have been more on the active side as well as more in the middle for visual/verbal learning. College has definitely forced me change the way I learn. High school was a breeze and honestly I wasn’t really forced to practice my
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