Buddhism Session 1 Origins

Buddhism Session 1 Origins - Buddhism Session 1...

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Buddhism Session 1 Origins—10/18/2011 Buddha: Description state of being, awaken/enlighten one, derives from goal to aspire Zen: Don’t worship Buddha - Buddhism is atheistic, no Gods - Seeing the world as it really is - Many Buddha’s across time Seven Critical Moments in the Rise of Buddhism 1. The Birth of the Historical Buddha ~563BCE - Siddhartha Gautama of the Shakyas (Full Name) - Born in the tribe of the Shakyas called Shakyamuni (Wise one of the Shakyas) - Indian: Siddhartha. Chinese: Shakyamuni. American: Buddha. - Real Person - Legends: - Mother Maya had a dream to give birth to a great King, while elephant then entered her - Immaculate conceived and born on mother side not thru the vagina - Born with wheels on his hand that was believed to change the course of the world - Symbol of Buddhism - Affirmed to be a great leader *Manifestation of Buddhahood, destined for greatness* 2. The Four Sights - Siddhartha’s mother died 7 days after he was born - Father was aware of his destiny - Given every opportunity (palaces, lessons) - Confined to his palaces - Grew to be the perfect man - Arranged to marry the most beautiful woman in the land, but had to compete for her - Both produced the perfect child - Despite perfection, he wanted to experience the outside world/journey…called the Four Sights 1. Sees disease crippled man - Surprised because he never experienced illness - Suffering 2. Sees an old person - Old age 3. Sees a corpse - Death - Falls into despair, but father arranged a court of dancers to enlighten his spirits 4. Sees samnyasin in the forest - Declares to be a samnyasin also called the Great Renunciation at age 29
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Buddhism Session 1 Origins - Buddhism Session 1...

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