Buddhism Session 3

Buddhism Session 3 - 2. The Lotus Sutra- Most beloved...

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Buddhism Session 3: Sacred Texts —10/27/2011 Challenges: - Ardhamagadhi - Religion that spread through translation Tripitaka (Tikitaka) 1. The Sutras (Sutta) Words of the Buddha, 10,000 sermons Means: thread Short statement 2. The Vinaya Monastic rule book: how to eat, dress, interact Memorized by Buddhist Monks 3. Abhidharma (Abhidammas) Beyond the Dharma, discussion on physicas/ psychology Most common: 6,000 pages Famous Buddhist Texts 1. Dhammapada - The path of Budda - Collection of Sutras/Aphorisms that teaches the basics - 423 verses - Best place for Buddhist teachings
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Unformatted text preview: 2. The Lotus Sutra- Most beloved texts- Purest teachings of enlightenment 3. Heart Sutra- One page of poetic expression- 35 lines- Spend years of defining 4. The Questions of Milinda- Dialogue between a Greek King and Buddhist Sage- Form of a platonic dialogue where Greek King asks questions and Buddhist answers- Greek King places devils advocate- Discussion 5. Jataka- 10 volumes- Stories derived from the past lives of the Buddha- Particular moral to them- Simple tales with a moral at the end...
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