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Hinduism Session 3

Hinduism Session 3 - Faith OR Faith Work Lose yourself in...

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Hinduism Session 2: Worldview—9/29/11 The Four “Wants” 1. Kama – Pleasure 2. Artha – Material Goods 3. Dharma – Doing the Right Thing 4. Moksha – Liberation Paths Toward Liberation 1. The Path of Insight for those who seek Truth 2. The Path of Tantra for those who crave Experience 3. The Path of Bhakti for those who value Relationships The Path of Insight 1. Who are you? - Braham - Tat Tvam Asi. - Braham = Atman - We have grown up paying attention to our individual Atman, but who we are what is the very ground of the universe. - Challenge: To realize or internalize 2. What is Ultimate Realty? The Path of Tantra - Great shortcut to realizing that Atman is Braham - Dangerous path - Ex: Tantric Sex (no difference in mate…non duality) - Goal: Realization of non-duality The Path of Bhakti - Pathway of devotion - Devotion to the gods that are so profound that you become a part of them - Aching, fulfillment - Full of love - Liberation by grace - Didi’s grace liberates you - Cat v. Monkey Schools
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Unformatted text preview: - Faith OR Faith + Work?- Lose yourself in the Didi- Relationship is emotion Tat Tvam Asi. - Braham = Atman Hinduism Session 3: Sacred Scripture—9/29/11 Two Categories of Texts- No authors- Oral compostions- If you wrote something down you killed it, writing destroys life 1. Sruti: Vedas and the Upanisads- Those that were heard and wrote by Rishi’s 2. Smrti: Dharma Sutras/DharmaSastras, The Puranas, Itihasas- Texts that were remembered and passed down Preserving the Vedas- Brahmins The Itihasas- The Histories or the Epics- Sacred Histories- Use of narratives to convey truths about people, our world and the divine world- Attempts to inform the listener of how the world works Mahabharata- Name comes from Mahabharata Dynasty- Encyclopedia of Didi’s story and everything interesting in Hinduism- Longest poem in the world- Approximately 1,000 verses- Oral history- Author: Viasa- Core: Battle of 2 royal houses (See Handout)...
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Hinduism Session 3 - Faith OR Faith Work Lose yourself in...

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