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Hinduism Session 5 - Hinduism Session 4: Life and Practice...

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Hinduism Session 4: Life and Practice CONTI.—10/6/11 Gender 1. Girlhood: attached to father who is zealousy concerned with protecting your virginity. Dharma is to remain sexually pure and traditionally learn the way of the house 2. Wife (Stridharma = to be loyal): attached to husband. Married off. Dharma is to serve husband, produce children (particularly sons) and take care of the household. Live with mother- in-law. In theory a women is serving. 3. Widowhood (Sati): attached to sons. Historically, man died before wife. Option 1: Burn yourself alive at the site of your husbands burial. Option 2: Live life of widowhood, ultimate sign of loyalty. Women can never remarry. Required to wear white from then on, shave heads at time to make themselves unattractive to men, stigma attached: unlucky, dangerous. Stage of Life (Asrama) *Top Three Varnas 1. Student Stage – Brahmacayan. Initiated and brought to a Guru to study. Dharma is to diligently study and show utmost respect for teacher. No alcohol, drinking, celibate, no spicy food (reduce passions). Essentially education was a monastery. Ages 7/10-early 20s. Then married off, parents will find man a wife that is free of defects, good name, moderate of bodily hair, walk like goose/elephant (fatter women meant healthier to bear more sons). 2. Householder – Grhasta. Productive member of society. Historically, this is the most important
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Hinduism Session 5 - Hinduism Session 4: Life and Practice...

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