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BUS 382 Take Home Test 1 - Vanessa Reapor Business 382...

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Vanessa Reapor Business 382, Section 01 Professor Sena October 17, 2011 BUS 382 Take-Home Test 1 1.1 A company’s strategy is really a compilation of strategies. Every department in an organization, for instance, has their own specific strategy to achieve their goal or intended direction. A Human Resource Department in an organization may strive to recruit and retain top talent in the workforce. Then the Accounting Department in the same company may aim to keep the organization at positive net worth values. These individual department goals are, therefore, not just geared to the betterment of their specific branch, but as well as the entire organization. This is true because all departments are interconnected—the downfall in one, can slowly affect the other. 1.2 There are four levels of strategy, which include and need the help of different levels of management. A collaboration from the different branches in a company is needed because they are the leaders of the organization who need to be aware of the intended direction their company is headed. Therefore, by being apart of the collaboration of strategies they will not just be familiar, but as well as being fully capable of demonstrating the goals through their specific industries. The first of the four levels is Corporate Strategy, a level focused on how to attain competitive advantage through a multibusiness point. This level may focus on how to enter new markets and international/domestic expansion. Corporate Strategy is normally coordinated by the CEO and other senior executives. Business Strategy is the second strategy that concentrates on a single line of business. At this level, the company develops industry competitive responses and to toughen their market situation. In general, Business Strategy is conducted by the general managers of a specific line of business with the contribution of directors and senior executives. The
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third level is Functional Area Strategy that deals with the specific departments (i.e.
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BUS 382 Take Home Test 1 - Vanessa Reapor Business 382...

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