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Final for 392 - Christopher Webb CMCL 392: Media Genres...

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Christopher Webb CMCL 392: Media Genres Professor Segal December 4, 2011 Gunvor Nelson and Dorothy Wiley’s experimental documentary “Schmeerguntz” (1965), often mocked the American depiction of women in society as well as exposed social conditions. Even though Nelson and Wiley would not profess to being feminists, in this essay I will argue that the film can be viewed as a feminist response and statement to women’s roles in American society. Larger themes addressed by the film are social class and the treatment of women as products. Nelson and Wiley appropriate images of women from the realm of commercialism in order to critique it. Wiley and Nelson were not only making a social statement in regards to a women’s worth in society regarding feminism, but as well as the relations between social and class struggles within that realm. With Nelson and Wiley’s interview with Richardson as well as Lesage’s readings pertaining to feminism filmmakers, I will go in to detail about their films aesthetics, political structure and analysis. I will also go back to Ruby’s concepts of “speaking for, about, with, and alongside” to make an argument of “voice” in this matter. I will discuss how class struggle in American society as well as commercialism, changed the landscape of economic and
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Final for 392 - Christopher Webb CMCL 392: Media Genres...

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