190 second paper

190 second paper - Maryam Oda Racial representation...

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Maryam Oda Racial representation: Chappelle show Chris: How’s school Maryam? Me: School has been great, I ‘m learning a lot of interesting things. Chris: What classes are you taking? Me: I’m taking Spanish 200, piano, Introduction to media, Chris: Introduction to media? What do you study in that class? Me: Well we study a lot of things, but recently we just covered a unit on African American representations in media. Chris: How is that important? Me: Well, I think representation of race is extremely important in that it holds so much power in the way a society views certain individuals within it. Especially in the case of African Americans. Chris: How so? Me: Well, let’s just imagine this situation. There is an 8-year-old white boy who is raised in a small town with a population of about 4 thousand, no of whom are black. So they’ve never encountered a black person in their whole life. They turn on the television to one channel, he sees a documentary about the large population of African Americans in American prisons. He turns it to the next stations, and there is a fictional show that depicts African Americans as murders and drug dealers. He turns it to another station and he see a music video of black men and women rapping about guns, drugs, and alcohol. So now we fast forward ten years, and he is going to
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college New York City, where there is diverse culture, and encounters an African American man. What do you think the first thing he is going to think of? Chris: All of those negative representations of African Americans that he saw on TV Maryam: Exactly right. And because of those depictions, that young man now has a lasting impression on an entire ethnicity of people, of whom he has never encountered, that is negative and unfavorable. This is how media has the power to create and shape negative and positive stereotypes about individuals. Chris: Wow, that’s really interesting. So how does media have that power?
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190 second paper - Maryam Oda Racial representation...

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