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enemy of state - Maryam Oda Enemy of the state: In the...

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Unformatted text preview: Maryam Oda Enemy of the state: In the beginning of the film, there is a long shot of the car and the dog as the man pulled up. There is a panning shot of the two men as they are walking down the street talking about the average citizen being at war. There is a medium long shot as Thomas, Phil, and the other man are talking. There is a close up shot of the back of Thomass head as one of the guys sticks a needle in Phils neck. There is a constant change of scenes of different criminal activity taking place, car accidents, men getting arrested by the cups, high speed chases, etc. There is a panning shot as Robert walks into the room with the three men. There is a high angle shot of pinterd shop. Theres a medium shot of the Italian men talking about the video that Robert Dean just showed the Italian dude. There is a tracking shot of the police officer as he is walking the scene were the republican democrats body was found. There was a close up shot of the police officer again as republican democrats body was found....
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