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The standard drink: .6 oz of alcohal 12 oz –beer 5 oz wine 1.5- liquor Only 23 percent of college students say they do risky or heavy drinking, and consume about 68 percent of the alcohol 60 percent of college students said they were disturbed by drunk students 60 percent of college students said that people found with fake ids and DUI’s should get harder penalties. BAC- blood alcohol concentration .06, you can legally drive. -Someone with less water in there body (skinny people) can get drunk quicker because they have less water in them for alcohol to dissolve in. - women have less of an enzyme in the stomach that breaks down alcohol and they have less water in their bodies, so women have higher BAC’s then men
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Unformatted text preview: -eat before and while drinking.-Heavy drinking is five or more drinks for a man, and 4 or more drinks for a women- only time can sober you up.-keep BAC at well before .04 so that the negative effects of alcohol don’t kick in. -drink one drink or fewer per hour-Drinking alcohol effects the hypothalamus -Drinking caffeine with alcohol only makes things worse.- alcohol can impair the hippocampas which is responsible for memory.-20-25 percent of college aged women reported being raped or in a rape situation- 1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men reported being sexually abused as children.-90 percent of women in rape cases know their rapist.- 1.5 million people are stocked every year in the usa...
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