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Maryam Oda Journal entry, Prompt # 1 For my first spell, I chose Alohomora. This spell is used to unlock doors, but it also says that the spell is often bewitched which makes it so the spell is useless. I think this is a good example of the way people feel that are solipsistic. People who are solipsistic believe that the only person you can understand is yourself. So instead of “unlocking the door,” in order to let someone into your personal thoughts and ideas, and allowing the “spells,” or ideas to possibly be misinterpreted or “bewitched,” they choose to just completely disconnect from communicating. The second spell that I chose is Cheering Charm. This spell makes the person the spell was casted on happy, and can lead to uncontrollable laughter. This to me is one of the core principles of communication. For the sharing of ideas to bring joy, happiness, and satisfaction to the other person involved. The third charm that I chose is Gemino Curse. This curse is to me one of the most interesting. With this curse, whatever objects the curse touches, it makes a non-useful copy of itself in order to hide its original self. I think of this curse as description of Guignon’s authenticity. How it explains how we have layers and layers of us that are not really us, and are almost useless. And that in order to find our true self, we have to dig deep inside ourselves, beneath all the useless copies of what we pretend to be, in order to find it. Journal entry, Prompt # 2 The spell that I chose to create is “permissum verus vos , fulsi per.” This is a Latin term for, “Let the real you shine through.” This spell is a play on Guignon’s authenticity, along with peter’s telepathy essays. This spell is a wish spell that allows for an individual who wishes something along the lines of, “I just wish they could understand who I really am,” to get their wish answered. Immediately after the spell is cast, the individual’s true self is shown to the other person. It shows the real self that hides
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Journal entries - Maryam Oda Journal entry, Prompt # 1 For...

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