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ASM concur system - Electronic Expense G eimbursement...

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Dec 05 1 of 3 Advantage Sales and Marketing will reimburse associates for ordinary and necessary business expenses, which are incurred by an associate in the performance of assigned responsibilities. Since it is not practical to set forth every allowable expense, associates should exercise sound business judgment and common sense whenever they incur expenses for which they will expect reimbursement. Advantage Sales and Marketing reserves the right to not reimburse any travel, entertainment, or other expenses it determines to be contrary to the intent of the company or in violation of any government regulations. Reimbursements for acceptable expenditures are limited to actual expenses incurred by the associate in the conduct of company business. It is your responsibility to prepare your Expense Reports in a timely manner. You must include proper substantiation for any expenses incurred. It is also your responsibility to keep copies of your expense report and receipts in case the report is lost . Expense reports should only be used for reporting those expenses for which you are requesting reimbursement. Proper substantiation is paper receipts that are properly documented. According to the IRS proper documentation includes the establishment’s nam e and location, amount, and date. Each electronic receipt must be itemized. Receipts cannot be handwritten. The company requires all expenses to be submitted within (30) days after being incurred . It is also required that an associate only files one report a month. Forms not properly completed or not approved will be returned for correction and that will delay payment of the expenses. All reports have a $25.00 minimum .
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ASM concur system - Electronic Expense G eimbursement...

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