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African americans in society - Christopher Webb Professor...

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Christopher Webb Professor Hanks African American Political Though April 29, 2011 Final Paper Assignment The African American community has for years been under the impression that they were continuously being persecuted and black balled by the government to somewhat balance a social construct or society, that made whites more authoritative and privilege in the job world. The African American community has been scarred from slavery and with that deep rooted imprint that was left by European settlers, who till this day has a part in America’s society and social conscious, they can’t forget. Not saying African Americans should forget the history behind their existence in America but the need to stop scapegoating because of what many called the African American “holocaust” which scholars call “Maafa” in America, should not be tolerated in the African American community. The African American males are being brainwashed to feel inferior and women are being brainwashed to be something they’re not, and are continuously to my understanding reconstructing social norms of white supremacy. With the push of more mentors, role models, programs and censorship I think it will indeed be a better society for African Americans to be more efficient in rising out of their stereotypes and own social realms. How can African Americans find establishment in their communities to see that males and females are able to succeed in a society in which they say there is no hope? With now having an African American president, do African Americans now have no more excuses into how high they can go in top tier positions and live a positive life? What is the best way for the African American collective to make greater progress in the USA? Around the time of slavery, there were mythological heroes that presented themselves that many believe were responsible of slavery and the psychological transfer of those slaves to
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mindless zombies who did their job. Willie Lynch, who was noted as being a European slave trader, is deemed to be the man responsible of coining the term race and making slavery an establishment in the United States. Now no one knows if Lynch was factually a person, though his speech or letters that he left behind after his stint in America, seem to suggest that he in fact left a deep imprint in how slaves or African thought process will change and be broking in white cultural assimilation. Lynch in his letter psychologically wanted to make slaves feel envious and fight each other so that they won’t organize and come together. Lynch wanted whites to point out the differences between the slaves so that they will only see themselves as allies not their fellow slaves. Lynch believe this method would last for 300 years and the mother will be the most important key to making it work as women nurtured the children and develops them to be slaves and that is what was taught and what they believe as they got older.
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African americans in society - Christopher Webb Professor...

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