Martin Luther King Jr

Martin Luther King Jr - November 22, 2010 Christopher Webb...

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November 22, 2010 Christopher Webb Professor Vernon Williams AAAD-A 405 Indiana University Drawing on Martin Luther King’s “Stride Toward Freedom”, I have examined that King’s insights on colorblind universalism and libertarian conservatism, is uniquely manifested in King’s faith in his methods and beliefs. King, who from my analysis profoundly took it upon himself to incorporate, institutionalized actions and readings of symbolic figures in history of struggle that did not want to provoke nor persuade any violence. Further examination on Martin Luther King’s idea of colorblind universalism, and libertarian conservatism, I analyzed King’s strong relationship he had with his church and Christian faith. King’s, readings of Walter Rauschenbusch’s “Christianity and the Social Crisis” he claims left an “inedible imprint” in his thinking. He also believed it gave him the theological basis for the social concern, in which he grew up with. A particular ideology that Rauschenbusch has left in King’s way of thinking is the insistence that gospel deals with a whole man not only his soul. Rauschenbusch also established in King, that any religion professed to be concerned about the souls of men, is not concerned about the social and economic conditions that scar the soul. Martin Luther King’s, concerns about social concerns he formidably put in the hands of god. King encouraged “love thy neighbor” throughout the boycotts, as well the protests and his churches, believing violence would not be a set up for respect of one of another. Martin Luther King said himself that, “The Christian ought to always to be challenged by any protest
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Martin Luther King Jr - November 22, 2010 Christopher Webb...

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