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401 Senior Seminar - Third cinema-New latin American cinema...

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Unformatted text preview: Third cinema-New latin American cinema movement, Cuban Cinema...difference between third world cinema and third cinema..initial definers Glauber Rocha Julio Garcia-Espinosa That all art is deeply political The the domination of the first world cinema infects local populations and must be countered Third cinema fils can be experimental but must remain clear in their political message they cannont be purely formal exercises Influencs and correctives Soviet Montage the social documentary European Art cinema Hollywood film What must it be Subversive Militant Focus on process In production In reception Not as narratively driven, Potemkin more straightforward Independent in production, militant in politics, and experimental “We realized that the most important thing was not the film and the information in it so much as the way the information was debated. One of the aims of such films is to provide the occasion for people to find themselves and speak about their own problems” First Cinema-films either made in Hollywood or ones that follow the Hollywood model-spectacle, commericality and consumerism Second Cinema- Art Cinema, Auteur cinema or new wave cinema, it is considered intimate and intellectual..individualist, reformist, Elitist Third Cinema-Guerrilla filmmaking/militant cinema that fight the system, that are incapable of assimilation, must depend on practice or both must be adaptable ...
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