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Unformatted text preview: 2. Of masters and servants, and of whether it is possible for them to be brothers in spirit. — Zossima advocates absolute equality for all men. True dignity does not come from the possession of great material wealth. Dignity, the elder says, is derived only from an inner sense of personal worth; it is able to respect another person without envying that person. When man attains such dignity, he creates a unity, a brotherhood in which a master may associate with a servant without losing either self-respect or dignity. This is Zossima's utopia, founded on "the grand unity of man," preserved by men who long with all their heart to be the servants of all. 3. Of prayer, of love, and of contact with other worlds. — Zossima admonished his adherents to pray for others, even those who have sinned. God, he says, will look favorably upon any sinner who for others, even those who have sinned....
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