A doctor from Moscow

A doctor from Moscow - A doctor from Moscow, whom Katerina...

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Unformatted text preview: A doctor from Moscow, whom Katerina has sent for, arrives to examine Ilusha, and the visitors reluctantly leave the room. As they wait outside, Kolya explains his views of life to Alyosha. Alyosha listens carefully, understanding the boy's real motives. He wants to impress Alyosha with his hodgepodge of other people's philosophies. Alyosha is sympathetic to him, though, and is especially drawn to the young boy when he confesses his weaknesses. As the doctor leaves, it is quite apparent that Ilusha has not long to live. Even Ilusha is aware that he is dying. He tries to comfort his father, and Kolya is deeply affected by this scene between father and son. He promises Alyosha that he will come often to visit the dying boy. Some critics have complained that in a novel of such extreme complexity and length, Book X does not contribute to the novel's unity. The section has often been said to be superfluous and a flaw in not contribute to the novel's unity....
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