After supper - After supper, the marquise invited Candide...

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Unformatted text preview: After supper, the marquise invited Candide to her boudoir, where, in the course of their conversation, he was properly courteous, but he had his difficulties. The lady told him that now he should no longer love Cungonde (for he had told her all about her) since he had now seen the marquise. "Your passion for Cungonde began when you picked up her handkerchief; I want you to pick up my garter." Candide complied and at her further request put it on her. The marquise pointed out that she was according him unusual privileges, for she usually made her lovers languish for two weeks. When she praised the diamonds on his hands, the gallant Candide gave them to her. As he left the house, he was conscious-stricken for having been unfaithful to Cungonde, and he received the consolations of the abb. As for the latter, he could have fared better. He had received only a small consolations of the abb....
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