As they travel - As they travel they almost always rely on...

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Unformatted text preview: As they travel, they almost always rely on their own ingenuity for food, and when food is scarce, they go without. There is no alternative. Months pass, and, as London says, they "twisted through the unchartered vastness where no men were." Once they do find the shambles of an old hunting lodge, and there they find remnants that indicate that other men have been here before. Then, in the spring, they find the place where the large, legendary gold nuggets are supposed to be. The men pan for gold, and, in London's words, "they heaped the treasure up. Buck spends many long hours close to the fire, and he remembers the "short-legged hairy man" who appeared in Chapter 3. The overwhelming memory which Buck has of this hairy man concerns Buck's being constantly frightened and, along with the memory of this ape-like figure, is the call of the wild, a call which Buck...
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