Having established Buc1

Having established Buc1 - Having established Buck then as a...

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Unformatted text preview: Having established Buck, then, as a product of civilization, London will, as his chapter title "Into the Primitive" indicates, now show the contrast between Buck, the civilized dog, and the dog he becomes when be is suddenly thrust into a life completely different. This change comes about because one of Judge Miller's servants, Manuel, has amassed significant gambling debts and in order to repay the debts, Manuel sells Buck to some traders dealing in dognapping. These dogs will later be sold to gold prospectors in the North. We must always remember the contrast that London is utilizing in this novel: Buck comes not only from civilization, but also from a life of unusual ease and comfort, where all of his food is provided for him; he is not accustomed to killing in order to eat. In fact, "over this great demesne [Judge Miller's estate] Buck ruled." Later in the North, Buck will also fact, "over this great demesne [Judge Miller's estate] Buck ruled....
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