Heartened by the thought that they were now wealthy

Heartened by the thought that they were now wealthy -...

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Unformatted text preview: Heartened by the thought that they were now wealthy, Candide and Cacambo found the first day of their journey pleasant. The lovesick youth wrote Cunégonde's name on the trees. But then new difficulties arose. On the second day, two sheep, laden with treasure, were lost in a bog; two others died of fatigue a few days later. After days of travel, just two sheep were left. Candide pointed the moral: the riches of the world are perishable; only virtue and the joy of seeing Cunégonde again lasted. Cacambo agreed but added that they still had the two sheep and much wealth. And in the distance was the Dutch possession, the town of Surinam. Surely their happiness was about to begin. Near the town they saw a black man in rags lying on the ground. His left leg and right hand were missing. Candide addressed him in Dutch and was told that he was waiting for his master, Mynheer missing....
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