In conjunction with the above ideas

In conjunction with the above ideas - In conjunction with...

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Unformatted text preview: In conjunction with the above ideas, London will use Buck, the enormous, extraordinarily powerful dog, as an anthropomorphic example of similar qualities for all of humankind. ( Anthropomorphic simply means attributing human qualities to an animal.) For example, throughout the novel, Buck will be seen to possess various types of qualities that are traditionally attributed only to human beings. In one instance, we will see him possessing such qualities as loyalty, love, revenge, ambition, and other qualities usually associated with human beings. Other qualities will also be pointed out as we progress through the novel. To emphasize his essential theme, London has the dog Buck being born on a large estate in the Southland (Santa Clara Valley, California). Buck does not know that there is a "yellow metal" recently discovered in the Far North and that strong, powerful dogs are desperately needed and will bring a...
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