In this chapter - In this chapter Buck will be...

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Unformatted text preview: In this chapter, Buck will be characterized as an animal of great love, loyalty, and devotion; he will become completely devoted to John Thornton, who is, in contrast to Hal and Charles, Buck's other masters, characterized as being the ideal "master." Not since Buck's days with Judge Miller has Buck experienced "love, genuine passionate love." Even in the Santa Clara Valley, with the Judge's son, Buck's relationship had been one of a "working partnership" and a sort of "pompous guardianship," and even his relationship with the Judge had been a "stately and dignified friendship." However, London now writes that the love which Buck feels for John Thornton has quickly developed into a feverish and burning admiration. Furthermore, in contrast to the events in the last chapter, where dog and man could not work together at all, here in Chapter 6, we are shown the great heights to which a...
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