London begins this chapter by stating that the

London begins this chapter by stating that the - London...

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Unformatted text preview: London begins this chapter by stating that the "dominant primordial beast was strong in Buck," meaning that the primitive will to survive was now the primary factor in Buck's life. Thus, the entire chapter is constructed to show Buck's will and determination to survive. Buck's survival instinct will be climaxed at the end of this chapter in a dramatic fight-to-the-death scene between Buck and his archrival, Spitz. Just as the chapter begins with an emphasis on "the dominant primordial beast," it ends with the same words, emphasizing the central concern of the chapter: the survival of the fittest. At the beginning of the chapter, Buck has been avoiding fights whenever possible, but there still exists a bitter hatred between him and Spitz, and if we review Chapter 1, where Buck had his first encounter with the Spitzbergen (Spitz, in shortened form), we will remember that Spitz is the dog...
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