Once more the old woman came back

Once more the old woman came back - Once more the old woman...

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Unformatted text preview: Once more the old woman came back, this time assisting into the room a trembling woman, majestic in bearing, who gleamed with precious stones. Her face was veiled, and the old woman commanded Candide to lift the veil. Behold, the strange woman turned out to be his adored Cungonde. Speechless in their surprise, both swooned and then were revived by the useful old woman, who had the tact to leave them to themselves. Candide had many questions to ask Cungonde. He learned that she had been ravished and wounded, but she obviously had survived the ordeal. Her father, mother, and brother, however, had been killed. Before she would complete her story, she insisted that Candide tell his, and she listened to it most sympathetically. Cungonde's story was quite as melodramatic as Candide's. She provided the details of the Bulgarians' attack on the castle of Thunder-ten-tronckh and the slaughter of her father, mother, and...
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