Since three - Since three-fourths of Lisbon had been...

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Unformatted text preview: Since three-fourths of Lisbon had been destroyed, the wise men in Portugal, especially the scholars at the University of Coimbra, decided that auto-da-fé was called for if total ruin were to be avoided, and that the spectacle of people ceremoniously burned by slow fire should take place at once. Among the victims was a Biscayan charged with having married the godmother of his godchild, and two Portuguese known to have eaten chicken only after removing the bacon (thus proving that they were Jews and enemies of Christendom). Later Pangloss and Candide were seized and imprisoned, the former guilty of having spoken, the latter of having listened — obviously capital offenses. A week later, each was given a paper mitre and a sanbenito (a yellow robe that heretics condemned to the stake were required to wear). Mitre and robe alike were adorned fearsomely with flames and devils. stake were required to wear)....
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