The - The"honest" eunuch took her instead to Algiers and sold her to the Dey(governor ruler or pasha There a terrible plague described by

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Unformatted text preview: The "honest" eunuch took her instead to Algiers and sold her to the Dey (governor, ruler or pasha). There a terrible plague, described by the old woman as being worse than an earthquake, broke out. She became one of its victims. She, the daughter of a pope, a girl who, at the age of fifteen had endured poverty, slavery, and repeated rape; who had seen her mother cut into quarters — she was now dying of the plague in Algiers. But she did live, although the eunuch, the Dey, and nearly all the ladies of the seraglio perished. She was sold to a merchant who brought her to Tunis, and then sold successively at Tripoli, Alexandria, Smyrna, and Constantinople. Finally, she was bought by the Aga of the Janizaries (a high officer of the Turkish Sultan's guards), whose immediate commission was to defend the city of Azov against the Russians. The gallant Aga took his entire seraglio with him.defend the city of Azov against the Russians....
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