The next day - The next day François and Perrault discover...

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Unformatted text preview: The next day, François and Perrault discover that Spitz is missing, and the signs of battle on Buck's body are proof that the inevitable battle between Buck and Spitz has occurred, and that Buck is the obvious winner. François is pleased because he knows that now there will be no more trouble with the dogs working as a team. A major decision must be made, however. Since Spitz has been killed, the sled drivers require a new lead dog. Sol-leks is chosen as the new lead dog. But Buck will not allow this, and he springs upon Sol-leks in a fury, indicating his desire to be the leader of the pack. François separates the dogs several times, but his tries are futile because Buck attacks Sol-leks again and again. Finally, François gets a club and threatens Buck with it. Buck immediately remembers the man in the red sweater, and he cowers before the club. Yet "Buck was in open remembers the man in the red sweater, and he cowers before the club....
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