We are not working with Thee

We are not working with Thee - “We are not working with...

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Unformatted text preview: “We are not working with Thee," the Inquisitor says, "but with him — that is our mystery. It's long — eight centuries — since we have been on his side and not on Thine. Just eight centuries ago, we took from him what Thou didst reject with scorn, that last gift he offered Thee, showing Thee all the kingdoms of the earth. We took from him Rome and the sword of Caesar." The church has taken the kingdom of earth — that which Christ rejected. Here the church has established its plan for the universal happiness of man. "Freedom, free thought, and science" will create such insoluble riddles and chaotic disunity that soon, all men will gladly surrender their freedom, saying, "You alone possess His mystery . . . save us from ourselves." The future world of happiness will be based on a totalitarian state, organized on the principle of total...
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