With the food supplies half gone

With the food supplies half gone - With the food supplies...

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Unformatted text preview: With the food supplies half gone, and with four hundred miles of wild trail ahead, François and Perrault begin to lead the dogs on a dangerous journey. It takes the sled team six days to cross the thirty miles that make up the "Thirty Mile River" because the ice keeps breaking under them, and they have to stop and build fires to dry out or else they will freeze to death. At one time, the ice breaks and Spitz, the lead dog, falls in, dragging the entire team, except Buck, in with him. During the rescue, which requires most of the day, another day of travel is lost. Being a dog from civilization, Buck's paws are not accustomed to the harshness of the trail, and François often has to bring Buck's food rations to him; finally, he makes a pair of moccasins which will fit over Buck's paws. They are a great relief to the dog. One morning, a surprising event occurs. will fit over Buck's paws....
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