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Livy  Titus Livius, a Roman historian (55 b.c. to a.d. 17). Lombardy  a province in Italy. Lot  Lot's daughters got their father drunk and then seduced him (from the Book of Genesis in the  Bible); the Pardoner's point is that Lot never would have committed incest if he had not been drunk. Luna . . . Sol moon and sun. Luna the Serene (Lucina the Sheene)  the goddess of the moon. Macrobius  the author of a famous commentary on Cicero's account of  The Dream of Scipio. Malkynes Maydenhede (Molly's Maidenhead)  a reference to Molly in  The Reeve's Tale  who lost  her virginity that night. Mark can tell  The miracle of the loaves and fishes and the barley bread is actually John, not Mark  (see John VI:9), but this is a slight error for a woman of the Middle Ages to make.
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Unformatted text preview: mead a strong alcoholic drink made from honey. Metamorphoses the central work by the Roman poet Ovid. Minotaur a monster with a man's body and a bull's head. Moses, Elija, Aaron (Moyses, Elye, Aaron) see Exodus 30:28. Mount Parnassus (Parnaso) home of the Muses. Narcissus, Solomon, Hercules, Medea, Circe, Turnus, and King Crosesus figures, each of whom had in some way been trapped by love, used as decoration on the walls of the altar to Venus. Nero A tyrant who, according to legend, sent many of the senators to death accompanied by the screams and wailing of their wives. Thus, Lady Pertelote will be similar to the Roman wives if she loses her husband, Chaunticleer. Nessus a centaur slain by Hercules....
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