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A noble king, Cambuskan, has two sons and a beautiful daughter named Canace (or Canacee). On  the twentieth anniversary of Cambuskan's reign, the king orders a splendid and lavish celebration. In  the midst of the feast, an unknown knight appears and announces that he has come to the  celebration bearing gifts from his own sovereign lord, the king of Araby. One of these gifts, which the  king gives to his daughter, is a magical ring that enables the wearer to speak the language of any  living thing, be it bird, animal, or bush. The next morning, Canace hears the pathetic cry of a lady falcon, and through the power of the  magical ring she is wearing, she discovers that the falcon's grief is the result of having been wooed  and won and then abandoned by a handsome young falcon (tercelet). The jilted lady falcon, in her  remorse, has wandered over the earth. She is so weak, in fact, that she faints in the tree, and 
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Unformatted text preview: Canace catches her and nurses her back to health. The Squire plans to tell other stories involving the victories of his family and the magic gifts, but the Franklin interrupts. We will never know why Chaucer left The Squire's Tale unfinished. It can be noted that the description of Cambuskan echoes Chaucer's description of the Squire in The Prologue and that the Squire's flowery recitation, despite its moments of beauty, is very often rather silly and too elaborate. Everything about The Squire's Tale, before the Franklin interrupts, resembles countless similar stories found in Oriental literature. The tale aptly fits the character of the Squire, who has been to strange lands and perhaps heard of many strange magical events....
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