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A rich merchant from St

A rich merchant from St - A rich merchant from St Denys has...

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Unformatted text preview: A rich merchant from St. Denys has an unusually beautiful wife. Their splendid house is often filled with guests. One of the most frequent guests is a handsome, young monk named Sir John. Sir John is on exceptionally friendly terms with the merchant and tells him that he and the merchant are cousins or closely related. The merchant vows he will always regard the monk as his brother. The merchant invites Sir John to his home for a few days. During this visit, the monk encounters the merchant's wife in the garden. Noticing her pallor, he questions her. She agrees to tell him her problems of marital neglect if both swear themselves to total secrecy; then she tells him her story and pleads with him to loan her one hundred francs to buy clothes that her frugal husband denies her. Sir John agrees to bring the money when the merchant leaves for Bruges. Then he draws the her....
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